Seaport-e QA Plan

SP Systems Quality Assurance (QA) procedures implemented according to the SPS ISO 9001 certified QMS, is to ensure that the Seaport-e contract receives timely, high-quality contracted services and products from the SPS Team. The Team will help the Seaport-e meet these quality goals by establishing a comprehensive quality assurance process that identifies critical parameters to monitor progress, identify and correct deficiencies, and apply lessons learned to continually improve processes.

Implementation of the quality procedures is an integral element of the overarching management process that the SPS Team employs. The requirements and procedures are intended to ensure that the SPS Team meets documented standards defined in our ISO 9001 policies. The plan applies to all tasks performed by the Team and is incorporated into subcontract agreements between SPS and its subcontractors.

The SPS Team Quality Policy is to provide high-quality products and services that meet the written and implied requirements of the Seaport-e contract customers and to promote a culture of continuous improvement. SPS team employees will adhere to this QAP and to all processes. Further, SPS team employees will foster continuous improvement by proactively identifying process enhancements.

SPS Quality Management System

Quality assurance is an integral element of the SPS program management strategy, which is based on the policies and procedures of our ISO 9001:20000 QMS that was certified on March 27, 2007. The QMS provides an integrated set of policies, tools, and processes that support task success. Our QMS procedures are designed to minimize performance risk by monitoring key quality indicators throughout the project life cycle and addressing all issues through corrective and preventive actions. Our quality policy is enhanced through continuous improvement and total employee commitment, which allow us to strive for excellence in the following areas:

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Technology
  • Delivery
  • Management
  • Performance

These quality objectives are communicated throughout the project organization via training and quality reviews with management. Quality objectives are documented via the following avenues:

  • Quality Policy Manual (QMS; Level-1)
  • Documented Procedures (QSPs) required for ISO-9001:20000 standards (Level-2)
  • Forms (Level-3)
  • Records (Quality Forms) required for ISO-9001: 20000 standards (Level-4)
  • Work instructions to ensure the cost-effective planning, operation, and control of organizational processes

Customer focus is ingrained into the SPS approach to quality. This approach requires involving employees at all levels in the organization and focusing on providing quality technical services. To implement quality practices effectively, SPS will strive to understand the needs of the NAVSEA customer and to provide staff with the appropriate tools and support while meeting the needs of the contract.

SPS is pursuing CMMI Maturity/Capability Level 2. Our approach to CMMI implementation builds on our ISO 9001 processes, lessons learned, and document set developed over the last two years. As with ISO 9001, our customers CMMI policies supersede SPS CMMI policies when conflicts occur.