Computational Physics, Inc. (CPI)

Computational Physics, Inc. (CPI), a small business, is included in the SPS team to provide cutting edge remote sensing and scientific software capabilities to support Navy weather and communications requirements. CPI is headquartered in Zone 2 and also has a presence in Zone 6. CPI’s capabilities apply to Functional Areas 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.6.

CPI was founded to perform advanced scientific research, to use its findings to characterize radiation properties of the Earth's upper atmosphere, and to develop new remote sensing techniques for better understanding the upper atmosphere and ionosphere. CPI has broadened its work-base to also address remote sensing of the middle and lower atmospheres, ionospheric effects on signals, data assimilation techniques for global ionospheric specification, software architectures using object oriented concepts for distributed processing, and electromagnetic phenomenologies for radar crosssection determinations.